Monday, October 11, 2010


Shifting the color of my body,

I concentrate on achieving

perfect unison

with the surrounding scenery.

My complexion alters to a vibrant yellow to blend with the daffodils.

The rest of my body intensifies –it becomes a rich green– as burly as the stems.

It is impossible to distinguish between myself and the daffodils.

I am content,


the Eastern Wind blows with all his might –as if to extract every being that is






D eep within the earth.

At first, I manage to keep up with the sudden shifts

Yellow, green, blue –my face changes– as it sees fit.

I fixate all my energy on ensuring unification with my surrounding,

(forgetting that unlike the daffodils, I am not rooted)

And as the wind’s wafts strengthen

I am elevated and separated from the garden.

Fear runs through my veins.

Insecurity encumbers me.

I am no longer one with the fair paradise.

How will survival play its part?


I see the sun.

It shines on me too –even when it has forsaken the golden daffodils.